The vineyards

The climate of Ribera del Duero is characterized by dry and hot summers and long and harsh winters with intense frost. The rainfall is moderate to low. The marked fluctuations of temperatures between the different seasons and, most important, between day and night in the ripening period, contribute to the high concentration of polyphenols that characterizes the wines from this region.

This extreme climate, together with the high altitude and limestone soils, result in excellent grapes that lead to the wines with strong backbone and deep colour that are typical for the Ribera del Duero.

Climate of Ribera del Duero

In Bodegas PAGOS DE MOGAR we perform a strict control of the growing of our grapes. The vines are worked so that the vigour is moderated and green pruning and crop thinning are done every year, leading to yields much below the maximum allowed by the Regulatory Council.

Our wines are single-varietal, elaborated with 100% of grapes "Tinta del Pais". This variety, the local adaptation of "Tempranillo", is the most used in Ribera del Duero and has demonstrated in this region its great potential for the elaboration of wines for long aging.

Our wines

We pamper the grapes to get unique wines. Because behind a great wine it is always the care of the grapes, as it can only be done in a family owned winery.

Bodegas Pagos de Mogar